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With years of experience and our rich know-how of the brass products market, we, Pollen Brass Products, have gained distinction as a well-trusted name of the industry. Our company is ruling the domain as a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Brass Hinges, Brass Products, Industrial Brass Products, Brass Tower Bolts, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Reducing Fittings, Brass Components, Brass Flange Cable Glands, Brass Holders, Brass Pillars, etc.

Brass is an alloy of metal, developed from combination of zinc & copper. It has features like high malleability, low melting point, easy casting property, recyclability, etc., which makes it perfect for usage in production of various Brass Products, Industrial Brass Products as well as decorative pieces. Today, with strong support of our professionals and facilities, we are making available brass products of international quality standards.

Make a smart choice by investing your money on our series of rustproof Brass Hinges, Brass Glass Fittings, Brass Cartridge, Industrial Brass Products, Brass Inserts, Brass Gas Fittings, Brass Flange Cable Glands, Brass Holders, Brass Air Conditioner Parts, etc. of various grades, shapes, designs and sizes.
Why Pollen Brass Products

Quality We Serve

Our firm has etched its special identity in the market with its ability to make and serve only superior quality products. Most of our first time customers end up being our long-term.

Sound Infrastructure

To have efficiency in execution of production and post-production tasks of the Brass Products, Imperial Brass Component. we have invested on a sound infrastructure.

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